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Which Collaboration Partner Fits in My Blog?

Influencer Cooperation Partner - blogfoster Academy

To find the right collaboration partner (also known as advertiser) for your blog is a winning strategy. If you are interested in keeping a long term relationship with the advertiser, it is key to start identifying the ones that fit better with your topic and your community. In this post you can discover the points to take into account on how to find the right collaborations partner.

Collaboration partner with added value for your community

In order to offer your community a significant added value, it is important to proceed with the collaboration search in a smart way, not indiscriminately. blogfoster regularly offers you exciting campaigns with advertising partners from various industries. So there are constant opportunities to find a suitable collaboration for every blogger. Think about what company you really want to work with, if it is aligned with your blog style and your audience interest. Quality for your audience is more important in the long term than quantity that brings you more earnings in the short term.


How to find the right collaboration partner

Before you apply to a campaign at blogfoster, you should make sure that the campaign really fits with in your blog. You should consider the following checklist when choosing an advertiser:


  • Which topics fit to you and your blog? Which topics are particularly popular with your readers? What contributions do you get especially many comments or likes in social media? With this in mind you can be sure which content Is worthy to publish
  • Do you enjoy tweeting, instagraming etc.? Then you can apply for a campaign with social sharing.
  • Do you attach great importance to your own creative photo ideas? There are many campaigns where you can publish your own product photos
  • How much time can you invest in a post? Does it fit into your editorial plan? In each briefing you will find a schedule with exact dates, including when you have to send your drafts and when your post should go online.
  • Have you already written about a similar product and can refer to it in the new post? The capacity to refer to earlier content will reinforce the value of the new and relaunch the significance of previous.
  • How do add-ons like profit games come to your readers? The more level of innovation can allow you to impact your audience with new options and interactions.


A well planned blog article is better than 3 chaotic posts. Or in other words, quality instead of quantity! If the client is satisfied, he will be happy to come back to you for further campaigns.

If you have enough page views and you could convince the company of your ideas in the pitch, nothing stands in the way of collaborations. Don’t forget to check how to write a meaningful pitch.