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How to Publish a Successful Sponsored Post

Successful Sponsored Post - Erfolgreiches Sponsored Post

What makes a Sponsored Post successful? Based on our knowledge of the blogger influencer market analyzing the performance of our advertisers’ campaigns, we have identified key best practices on how to publish a successful sponsored post.

Focus the text

One first advice is that you are not writing for search engines. You should write keeping your readers in mind. An hyper-optimised search engine post could be great for positioning, but eventually can be not fluent enough to read for some of your audience. In case of doubt, write in a natural way, as your readers want to.

Place links

It is also important for a successful sponsored post that the link to the advertiser landing page is not hidden or difficult to discover. We recommend you to highlight the links in the body of your text. Often the reader is already interested in the first paragraph of the text, so it is a good practice to place the link directly there. Also, some other readers are not fully interested in the article, but in the advertiser. In this case it is good to include the link at the bottom of the text as a jump-off point.

Readers Interaction

Include your readers in your posting and ask them for their opinion. Write about your experiences with the product and explain, for example, the steps on how the product is used. Please, also refer to the advantages of the product. For instance, some companies have a corporate philosophy to encourage ecological aspects.

Headings and images

The use of headings are also a good way to make your article more structured. Images also help to structure individual paragraphs better, improve the reading experience, and bring more visual value to your words.


Try to avoid writing sentences that are erratic and interlaced. The reader notes whenever you have superficially explained a topic or even copied entire content. Get the appropriate knowledge on the topic and the advertiser, write consistent paragraphs of information and use your personal touch explaining your own experiences to create a successful sponsored post.

Best date

The better day and time to post will be different for everyone. It will mainly depend on your readers. From your experience and checking your Analytics data (blogfoster Insights or Google Analytics) you can identify best times. For instance, if your readers work from 9 to 5, posting early in the evening could have a better impact.

Mobile view

As people are more on the go and devices allow to consume information on your smart phone and your tablet, it is important that your blog offers a good mobile user experience.

If you want to discover other best practices and recommendations, check our Influencer Guide section and improve the impact of your blog content.